Tracfone LG 840g How to Install Java Apps



Heathishness says:

It’s too bad you can’t get rid of that keypad when using the Java apps. It pretty much makes them useless. The remaining screen space is just too small. I wouldn’t recommend this phone for anyone interested in actually using the Java application features.

Heathishness says:

Disregard my earlier comment. If you search google there is a way to remove the keypad by altering the jad file of the application you want to use. It’s still an annoying extra step. Some phones ask you if you want to disable the keypad. But, it can be done. I tried it, and it worked. (Tried it on Opera Mini 7.1)

Lisa Fowler says:


d3rocks4u says:

I think you can you can. just go to the menu where you delete the app and it should have the option to get rid of tht abut i’m not sure

jbasketballgirl16 says:

watch my video to see how to download free apps directly from the internet on your phone!

SeriyCalifornia says:

Can this telephone play mp3 or windows media stream from internet?

jkbobful says:

does pinger/textfree work on this phone

Don RioRanchoNM says:

Down and Dirty Donnie here. Are there ANY apps for this phone or is just a better phone all around than my ElCheapo Tracfone (that I have loved for 7 years? The screen looks really nice, it would be great to just mash a “icon” and get pictures, messages, dial a number etc. HOWEVER, it would be NICER to have cool “APPS” to play with too! I realize that for the price I can’t expect TOO MUCH, but a little new stuff to play with would make this OLD MAN happy as a hooker at a Democratic Convention!

fmhoffman says:

anyone know how to disable 3 g so you are not using data when in a wifi area?
Also how to download WhatsApp for this phone?

April TracFone says:

Hi Fmhoffman, this is April from TracFone Wireless. Set your phone into Flight Mode. You cannot make or receive any calls, including emergency calls or use other features that require network coverage. WhatsApp is a free Java software application you can download on the internet. You may search it on Google for further information since we do not provide instructions far beyond our source of information and expertise. If you have questions, send us an email at

gloria iaccarino says:

where is java app located on my computer?

MsShellMel says:

Thanks for this info! Am trying to figure out how to put my own customized mp3 ringtone to this phone. Any help is greatly appreciated!

matt richards says:

can u make a vid shg all the java apps

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