Pinboard WordPress Theme Slider Tutorial

Get more information at Pinboard is a free WordPress theme. Sliders can be u…



haamxakareem says:

great help, cheers

ahpsychUGA says:

thanks for this!

AsFarOfficiel says:

Thaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

michaelcavalcanteno says:

muito bom. valeu

Alexander Hamilton says:

is there a way to hide the actual posts and keep the images in the slider?

vrajesh says:

Please check the official forum for this solution from the original site. I think someone already gave solution on it.

Jake Reeve says:

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Tyler Kirwan says:

Big help. Cheers!

SaliDesignAV says:

Many thanks, excellent tut. Can I just add… WPDashboard>Settings>Reading>Front Page Displays… must have ‘Your latest posts’ checked and NOT ‘A static front page’. Or it won’t work. (for those who don’t want to waste an hour finding out!) Thanks again for the tut, very well presented; simple and concise :-)

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